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I live for the "little things," thaaattt aren't really so little. I believe in finding something worth celebrating every. damn. day.

Here are a few things I love,

  • Astrology, shout out to my fellow Virgos.

  • Adventures, even to the grocery store.

  • Handmade Jewelry, give me all the rings.

  • Olympic Weightlifting, I even compete now and then.

  • My crazy big family, I'm the baby of 10 and believe me you'll hear a story or two.

  • Mostly my favorite human on this planet, my son, Mathias.

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Did I mention my favorite human Mathias? He is my number one inspiration. He is life's greatest teacher. It's through him I have learned how to bring life to my images. He sees this crazy world in such different and beautiful way.. He has non verbal autism and most days, he greets his many challenges with a big crooked smile. He doesn't hide behind words, he relays wholly on human connection. It's pretty powerful.

As a mom I was desperate to find a way for him to communicate, so I started taking photos of everything in our home. Through The Picture Exchange Communication System he found his "words.". Communicating through photography?  Storytelling!

Yet again another way he would teach me.